Design/Completion 1966-1967

Killara, Sydney

Harry & Penelope Seidler

400 m 2

White reinforced masonry walls, concrete floors and roof, rubble stone retaining walls and fireplace

  • Wilkinson Award, RAIA, 1967

Although this house is located in an established suburb it is secluded in a steep valley adjacent to a natural bush reserve which assures privacy. Outlook is onto unspoilt nature and a creek running along the bottom of the site, which turns into a gushing waterfall during rainy periods.

The garage is at the top, directly off the street, cantilevered over a rock ledge. Approach to the house is across an entry bridge which leads into the topmost of four half levels which follow the slope of the land down. The top level accommodates kitchen, dining and library. The second level the living space and main bedroom, the third the children’s rooms and playroom, level with the garden and the bottom a studio, utility and guest suite. The visual aim of the design is to extend the horizontal freedom of space vertically by opening the various levels into each other and creating a two-and-a-half storey high open shaft between them.

The house has been lived-in for thirty years without any change. A swimming pool was built below the house some years after it was completed.

The Killara House features as part of the Seidler Collection, Mitchell Library online, State Library of NSW.