Design/Completion 1972-1977


Lend Lease Corporation

100,000 m 2, 67 floors (250 m high)

Precast concrete structure with white quartz exterior

  • Sir John Sulman Medal, RAIA, 1983
  • RAIA Civic Design Award, 1981

This city centre office tower occupies only 20% of its site which was developed to the maximum allowable floor space of 12 times the site area.

The scheme aims to create open space in the congested centre of the city. The resulting privately owned land given over to permanent public use compensates for the intensification of land use. Useful and inviting open areas for the enjoyment of people have always been the essence of life in cities throughout the ages.

A podium of plazas was planned on various levels, opening out onto the surrounding streets with a 1,100 seat theatre, containing shopping arcades and a large plaza with outdoor restaurants at its centre. A circular open well, covered with a huge freestanding glass umbrella admits daylight below.