Design/Completion 1951, 1953-54

Wahroonga, Sydney

Mr & Mrs Julian Rose

160 m 2

Steel structure, timber infill

This is the second of a group of houses Seidler built after his arrival in Australia in 1948.

The minimal structural steel frame stands on 4 columns 10 m x 8 m apart from which diagonal hangers give support to the raised floor 20 m x 8 m which projects 5 m at each end.

The in-line arrangement faces all rooms to the northern view, shaded by a continuous terrace. The structural frame is exposed both inside and out. Contrasting with the rectilinear building form are the diagonal lines of the suspension members which find their counterpoint in the expressed slope of both exterior stairs; solid on the ‘void’ north side and projecting on the more solid south side.